Is keyboard with chording in mind. You can purchase it with 12g switches!. That should remove the strain on fingers when chording.

Also it is programmed thru QMK with all of it's glorious features.

Here is look at the default key layout:

I have ordered one on 2020>08>31.

My Gergoplex arrived at 2020>11>16.

Disconnection of left part -> soldering defect

The wobble

Double keypresses on single tap

I have this with keys 'o' and '/'

Breaking the keycaps

Some useful links

g Heavy Industries links

Youtube videos

qmk links

Blogs / articles

Twitter posts

Some parts I might want to buy

Debouncing problem solution in QMK

This unfortunately does not work for me.... I tried to increase the time for which next key press is ignored from 5 ms to 50 ms. It did not solve the problem.

Since this constant is on many places I should be exact: I have changed the on in keyboards/gboards/k/gergoplex/config.h

MrLinuxFish@MechKeys@Discord he have Gergoplex and have no debouncing issues. Lunnarus@xahlee@Discord has the same problem as I do.

Personal GergoPlex TODO:

fix from Lunarus @FAAK

        @kowodo(Pro. Grade Beginner) if you need to update your keyboard in the next bit and run into an import error, backup your directory, pull from mainline then replace the following files in mainline with your existing or from Germ's latest:


if you get error: implicit declaration of function 'phex'... skip to file replacement of the ones outlined above
qmk made a change that breaks Germ's branch
So the build tool errors out because it can't import stuff
So you need to have mainline up to date but replace a few files with Germ's version otherwise two functions cause errors
As usual sledgehammer approach works :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm sure if I decided to take the time or if someone else decided to take the time Germ's stuff could be patched properly but that's not how I roll with personal projects
I beat it into submission to avoid actual work
The compiler actually tells me how to fix one of the functions, it just needs to be renamed
But that's a pain because then I need to rename it in several files which why do that when I can try rolling back the problematic files. Lo and behold selective rollback works!
perhaps one day I'll look at the files through a diff and see what's different
Flashed successfully, everything works better
link to the original message @FAAK